• E a r w o r m

    Earworm explores the notion of facing your fears through delivering an unsettling mood. It follows the fate of three people intertwined in a mysterious journey. Each character carries different baggage which makes the interactions with each other intriguing and somewhat bizarre.




    Release Date is set for mid 2018


  • The Painted World

    So you want to paint the best painting in the world, eh? Piece of cake…

    Chapter 5 Studios have decided to create a short film that follows an eccentric painter who is attempting to paint the best painting in the world and as you can imagine things don’t always go to plan.



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  • Alfie Douglas Campaign

    The London baggage brand Alfie Douglas have just designed their new collection Zero and is set to be inshore and online late October. I was fortunate enough to work with an amazing team to create abstract yet stylish images that encapsulated the brand’s vision.

    Creative Direction & Photography: Emily Hadden

    Models: Evan Evagora & Georgia Eyers

    Styling: Eugenia Garcia Rahi

    Hair & Makeup: Rachel Tyler

    The new Zero Collection is out now and can be purchased at http://www.alfiedouglas.com


  • ‘Don’t Change’ Short Film

    The film Don’t Change tackles the social pressures of highschool through overcoming self doubt and embracing what makes you unique. I was fortunate enough to play the lead role of Cassie and understand how bullying can really take its toll on young women today.

    Don’t Change is yet to be released but will be screened at festivals and pitched to high schools to raise bullying awareness.

    More information to come regarding release date!

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  • Dimmi Commercial

    I had the pleasure of working with the Otto Empire team on this fun commercial for Dimmi Online Restaurant Reservations


    Check it Out Here:


  • Headshots for 2016!

    Headshot: A photograph which realistically demonstrates a person’s appearance and personality for branding and casting purposes. Something that can be hard for even an actor to do – be yourself!

    This photoshoot took just over 4 hours trying to capture that perfect look!

    Thank you to Andrew Raszevski for capturing the true me and allowing my personality to shine through! I cannot recommend him enough

    Georgia0052 Georgia0010 Georgia0066

  • Best Actress Award

    Last night I was fortunate enough to be awarded Best Actress at the Bond University Graduate film Awards ceremony for my performance in the short film ‘Off Track’.

    There was a total of 10 Graduate films that were screened and judged by a panel of industry professionals. I was privileged enough to receive the Best Actress award for the film Off Track directed by Samantha Lara.

    The film wouldn’t have been anywhere near as great if it wasn’t for the amazing crew and cast I worked with – Thank you!

    The night was so enjoyable as I met the people who brought all of these great stories to life.


    Awesome night!


    If you want to know more about Off Track [Click Here] !



  • Off Track Short Film

    Hello, Hello! I am happy to announce that I have just completed being a part of the short film Off Track! I played the lead role of Grace and I have to say, what an amazing experience with such a great team. This film is about a young girl whose mother is diagnosed with cancer and so she learns to deal with her grief and find strength through being a competitive runner. The audience follows her journey and observes the relationships she builds that lead her down a path of broken trust.I saw Grace as a very innocent, dependable, vulnerable character that unfortunately puts her trust into the wrong people. It was so much fun to play Grace as she posses a personality far different from my own.


    The film was shot with a tight time frame of one week, having the occasional 23 hour day here and there but I can honestly say that in such an inspiring and high adrenaline environment no one was worried about sleep.

    Thank you to all the cast and crew and especially the Director, Samantha Lara, for providing such vivid imagery before going for a take to help me gage how she wanted the scene to play out.


    Check out some of the behind the scenes photos below or head to https://www.facebook.com/offtrackshortfilm for more info!


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